Strolling in street snapshots with KiLLOWEN'S 'Solar'.

There’s no denying that 19 year old London producer and vocalist KiLLOWEN has a certain amount of gravitas to him. Starting a track with a raw vocal with just some reverb is a powerful way to introduce you to his world, it stops you in your tracks and forces you to pay attention. Keeping our attention in music isn’t always easy, but for KiLLOWEN it just comes naturally.  

KiLLOWEN has been producing tracks since he was 13 and started his journey with music long before that, as early as 8 or 9 years of age. So it’s then easy to understand why on first impression I thought I was listening to someone more mature, because I was. KiLLOWEN is a very talented young artist who because of his early start in music has developed his production skills to the level of any established producer.

Solar is a polished, street, R&B gem. You can hear influences from similar artists that have come before him such as The Streets, Maverick Sabre and Real Lies to mention a few. KiLLOWEN does what all of these artists do extremely well and that is to allow you into their private lives in a way that is extremely poetic and uplifting even when dealing with the harshest of realities. Solar is a song dedicated to the passing of a close friend, the song was written the day of passing. This kind of poignancy is prevalent throughout and it grounds you in the artists experience, walking in his shoes, sharing for a moment a snap shot of his life.

Although this is heavy lifting for someone so young, you never get the sense of that because the track is sustained in such soulful praise that we are stately elevated throughout. I am very excited to stroll along the streets of this young man’s imagination once again in the future. 

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