Peteza delivers fast and comforting soul-food in "Not That Normal"

Pete Large aka Peteza, hails from Melbourne, Australia. Melbourne is known for having a thriving nightlife and long standing relationship with electronic music, especially House. But given the releases from Peteza or the material under his Pete Large moniker, you would be forgiven for mistaking this young Aussie native for one of an older generation Chicago producer. The reason for this is simple. He has layers and layers of that classic deep house sound in his productions. There are many nods to elements that made and make the classic Chicago sound so distinctive. Elements of jazz, acid and of course floating basslines and lush chord structures. 

This is a genre that is hard to stand out in because so many producers emulate this style. It’s timeless and it still sounds as fresh and as relevant today as it ever did. While the genre might dip in and out of favour with top global spinners, producers and listeners are always drawn back to it, not only because of it’s roots, but also just how human the classic style is. 

In “Not That Normal” Peteza does manage to take all the elements of Classic Deep House and put his own updated take on the Deep/Lounge House sound. While you would expect a routine 4/4 drum pattern to accompany the familiar deep chords, we are treated to a more break oriented drum sequence and elements of acid cut through the lush pads to give us an impression of Peteza’s playful personality. The elements always compliment each other rather than over power, which is always a sign that the producer knows the fundamental approach to a great deep track is harmony. Peteza does this while doing something that is just as skillful, making great soulful music that really stands out. 

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