Michael Red flexes his dynamic range in remix of Kasm's 'Stargate'

Adam Hannibal A.K.A Kasm is a DJ, producer and label founder of the Juno award winning ‘Balanced Records’. A label based out of Montreal and Winnipeg that produces music that explores the more experimental and naturalistic side of electronic music. Over the last 15 years Balanced has released music that has consistently explored the fields of experimentation through multiple genres such as Dub, Reggae, House, Ambient, Hip-Hop, and Drum & Bass just to name a few. While doing this, Balanced has constructed a back catalogue of reputable music that has always explored the dynamics within these genres. 

‘Stargate’ is a track that is no different. Working upon on what Kasm sets out, Michael produces something that is far from routine. Expanding the naturalist percussion Michael’s well-crafted sound design creates something of an immersive world. The clever use of panning and reverb throughout draws you into almost a cinematic headspace that is further compounded through its main melody that has a sense of urgency and purpose. While Red’s remix doesn’t stray too far from its source material, it seems he has taken some of the signature elements and dialled them all the way up to eleven giving us a more club focused version.

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Sample, soul, sincerity in Anthony Bailey's 'Don't want you to go'.

We covered a release from Anthony for his ‘Maelstrom of Thoughts’ Ep back in February when we talked about higher values within a hip-hop collective and how Bailey distanced himself from the lime-light instead always putting his peers front and centre stage. Not much has changed in that regard where you will still find blank bio’s on all of his socials and music platforms which is extremely refreshing. Remember the days when there was such a thing as mystery/privacy! When all you got was a few random interviews and some accompanying stills. In an age where all abstruseness can be banished with one click it’s gratifying to see an artist still holding it down and applying a rare, ethical code to his craft. 

Speaking of craft ‘Don’t want you to go’ is a track built entirely around a vocal hook that is unapologetically omnipresent throughout, showing a reverence for sample flare and technique. What this creates is something nostalgic, warm and sincere while being celebratory about the trade of hip-hop. Perfect summer, lo-fi listening. 

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A Delicate Discourse with Richard Luke's 'Glass Island'

Glasgow-based composer and producer Richard Luke joins forces with violinist Amira Bedrush-McDonald for what can only be described as a neo-classical tour de force with their latest album ‘Glass Island.’
The 12 track release explores the tensions of living on an island in the wake of referendums on leaving the EU and Scottish independence. Such real-world uncertainties can be felt directly through the sombre-yet hopeful tone of the delicately crafted album.

Tackling such complex emotional-political issues isn’t an easy task, and the album largely triumphs due to it’s diverse sound design palette. Combining the strengths of both acoustic and electronic instruments, ‘Glass Island’ achieves both a visceral depth and immediate sensitivity that only such a wide range of musical language can bring. Seemingly contrasting vibrations are carefully crafted and placed in a such a way that these traditional and modern elements cease to exist as separate entities.

The diverse elements ebb and flow throughout the album, creating a listening experience that is both innovative and enchanting from start to finish. From the rich analog synthesizer notes in ‘Décembre’ to the largely acoustic soundscapes of ‘Time Moves’ and ‘Last to Let Go’ the album unfolds naturally and organically combining colours and tones throughout the journey.

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