Dualizm offers classic instrumental bliss in 'An Ounce Of Rain'

Dualizm is a german producer based in Berlin who over the last few years has been busy galvanizing beats for a number of artists in the underground hip-hop scene. Recently he decided it was high time he put out some of his own material and we have had the pleasure of reviewing his latest release ‘An Ounce of Rain’ from his Project R Vol. 2 EP which is out now on various platforms (available below).

Heavily built on nostalgia, intentional or not, ‘An Ounce of Rain’ feels like a nod to the golden age of late 90’s hip-hop. Even with it’s short running time of 2mins 45s the track still feels fully realized because of the steady progression. Starting off with some somber Rhodes that creates a pensive head space while also managing to be dream like. There are plenty of atmospheric soundscapes that float like air and drizzle like rain which keep you engaged in the tracks groove until your attention is drawn towards the uplifting, hopeful piano hook that elevates the mood. ‘An Ounce of Rain’ embodies all the classical elements of instrumental hip-hop, telling you a story through expression and nuance. I only wish the track ran a bit longer because I feel like there was potential for a lot more exploration but I guess its not always a bad thing to be left wanting more, which is the very much the case in Dualizm latest release. 

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17 year old Iowa Producer Shiy is more than meets the eye.

First look at Shiy and you can tell straight away there isn’t a lot of information about him knocking about. His bio on Spotify reads one line “ 17 year old instrumental hip-hop and jazz producer from Iowa”, that’s it, as far as he is concerned that’s all you need to know. And you know what maybe it is. It’s refreshing these days to have a air of mystery around an artist and to solely let the music do the talking. 

Now, you might think maybe there is not much written about Shiy on his bio because like a lot of new pop-up producers he is brand spanking new to the game. But the truth is he has been around a little while. He already has a few albums to his name and for someone so young you can see a lot of promise in his capabilities. Rather than talk about his latest track “Nothatbad” which for the most part is pretty self explanatory, it’s not that bad! It’s a solid Jay Dilla sounding instrumental. It’s infectious, its fun, bright and hopeful. While listening you can imagine yourself pottering about whistling along. It is a nice, nostalgic little number and would be a good addition to any Spotify playlist. 

But what I was most impressed by was Shiy’s discography as a whole. His past releases sound quite different than his most recent album- ‘Autumnal’, and this variety really shows the full scope of the young producer. Each release has something to offer, and show a kind of creative maturity and skill of the craft. It’s the sort of atmosphere you’d expect to hear on a beloved old dusty Jazz LP. If you are a fan of beats that can give you real moments of musicality and melancholy within the realm of Jazz, Motown and Blues then be sure to check out Shiy.

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