A Delicate Discourse with Richard Luke's 'Glass Island'

Glasgow-based composer and producer Richard Luke joins forces with violinist Amira Bedrush-McDonald for what can only be described as a neo-classical tour de force with their latest album ‘Glass Island.’
The 12 track release explores the tensions of living on an island in the wake of referendums on leaving the EU and Scottish independence. Such real-world uncertainties can be felt directly through the sombre-yet hopeful tone of the delicately crafted album.

Tackling such complex emotional-political issues isn’t an easy task, and the album largely triumphs due to it’s diverse sound design palette. Combining the strengths of both acoustic and electronic instruments, ‘Glass Island’ achieves both a visceral depth and immediate sensitivity that only such a wide range of musical language can bring. Seemingly contrasting vibrations are carefully crafted and placed in a such a way that these traditional and modern elements cease to exist as separate entities.

The diverse elements ebb and flow throughout the album, creating a listening experience that is both innovative and enchanting from start to finish. From the rich analog synthesizer notes in ‘Décembre’ to the largely acoustic soundscapes of ‘Time Moves’ and ‘Last to Let Go’ the album unfolds naturally and organically combining colours and tones throughout the journey.

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