Electronic and Acoustic worlds collide with California's - Doombird

In a time where we have analog elitists, gear lust and synths with hefty prices tags it’s refreshing to find a group of musicians that is focused on what really matters- the music.

Songwriter Kris Anaya and producer/arranger Joseph Davancens have been writing and performing as Doombird for a decade. In the last year Cory Phillips (bass), Ben Edrington (guitar), and Fernando Oliva (drums) have joined the band, anchoring the live performances. As a quintet, they create a hybrid of live instrumentation and electronic sounds, as evident on Past Lives (2016). With their newest EP, Twin Prime, Doombird continues to explore the tension between the analog and the digital.

What’s so special about the group is that they skillfully combine the strengths of acoustic, analog and digital instrumentation and production techniques so well. Think the fatness of analog synths, harmonic variance of acoustic instruments and the clean, precise sound of digital. The sonic palette they work with is truly diverse, throw on top of that the amalgamation of various genres and styles into their music, from electronica to indie, you’ve got the formula for a unique and exciting musical experience.

And that’s exactly how I’d describe their most recent release, The ‘Twin Prime EP’. 5 tracks of cleverly crafted indie, electronica, and post-rock that carry a variety of flavours throughout the album while remaining cohesive as a start to finish listen. The EP is really pushed to it’s full potential with an expertly tweaked mix full of colour and clarity from Bob Cheek (Band of Horses, Tera Melos, Chelsea Wolfe, Deftones, Two Sheds), and the final bit of polish applied by the mastering of Eric Broyhill (!!!, Chon).

Make your ears happy and go grab the EP on Bandcamp or stream it on Spotify

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