A Powerful Presence Felt by Cuts in 'Time Is Not Your Friend'

Anthony Tombling Jr a.k.a. Cuts delivers another harrowing track from his album ‘A Gradual Decline’ which dropped last month on Village Green Records. Cuts is an audio-visual project commenting on the environmental concerns facing us today. We explored the importance of music like this in our most recent review of the title track from the album. As to say for ‘Time Is Not Your Friend’ is very much in the same vein as ‘A Gradual Decline’, although slightly lighter in tone it still plays with the same kind of earnest and urgency. 

Tombling unapologetically lays down a perpetuating melody of distorted organs and synths that build in intensity until around the three minute mark. Then the drums kick in, giving us again some sharp percussion and textures to drive home the sense of a jagged landscape that Tombling has curated throughout the musical and visual elements in ‘A Gradual Decline’. Again Anthony drives home a message of prescience and purpose while lifting us up in the most epic fashion. If you are a fan of cinematic music with a real message at it’s core then Cuts is very much worth putting on your radar. 

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