Dualizm Proves that 'Cheap Whiskey' can still be Sweet

Our regular readers will recognize the name ‘Dualizm’ from our writeup about his release ‘An Ounce of Rain’ a couple months back. And there’s good reason his name keeps popping up. Crisp production, quality samples and a fleeting sense of nostalgia encircle his tracks like slowly drifting smoke rings.

The Berlin-based beatmaker has worked with an impressive lineup of both local and international artists and has written music for film and television productions. Which really all makes sense looking at the quality and quantity of his output, with new music coming out monthly it’s no wonder his tracks have a honed sound and effortless swing.

That unique sound can definitely be heard in today’s feature which Dualizm describes as “one of my most jazzy tracks.” “Cheap Whiskey” was actually supposed to be on his recent album ‘Project R. vol.3’ but feeling that it stood out from the bunch too much, he instead decided to release it as a single.

Whether you like it straight or on the rocks, single malt or blended, “Cheap Whiskey” is definitely the perfect smooth sipper to cap off a long day.


Dualizm offers classic instrumental bliss in 'An Ounce Of Rain'

Dualizm is a german producer based in Berlin who over the last few years has been busy galvanizing beats for a number of artists in the underground hip-hop scene. Recently he decided it was high time he put out some of his own material and we have had the pleasure of reviewing his latest release ‘An Ounce of Rain’ from his Project R Vol. 2 EP which is out now on various platforms (available below).

Heavily built on nostalgia, intentional or not, ‘An Ounce of Rain’ feels like a nod to the golden age of late 90’s hip-hop. Even with it’s short running time of 2mins 45s the track still feels fully realized because of the steady progression. Starting off with some somber Rhodes that creates a pensive head space while also managing to be dream like. There are plenty of atmospheric soundscapes that float like air and drizzle like rain which keep you engaged in the tracks groove until your attention is drawn towards the uplifting, hopeful piano hook that elevates the mood. ‘An Ounce of Rain’ embodies all the classical elements of instrumental hip-hop, telling you a story through expression and nuance. I only wish the track ran a bit longer because I feel like there was potential for a lot more exploration but I guess its not always a bad thing to be left wanting more, which is the very much the case in Dualizm latest release. 

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