Facing forward with Mindsight's 'Source'

Mindsight, AKA Joshua Neumann, hails from Munich, Germany. At 22 years old, he’s been making quite a stir in European and US music scenes. With a varied discography of EP’s, tracks, and remixes, Mindsight melds genre and sounds into his own concoctions. From cavernous synths, deep bass, and hard hitting rhythms, to vibrant and spacious downtempo, Mindsight stares fiercely forward into the future and is one to keep an ear out for in 2019 and beyond. 

Their latest track ‘Source’ opens with an arpeggiating synth, building with a harmonic underlayer before promptly dropping into a syncopated, swing heavy percussion typically associated with UK Garage. Sharp vocal cuts punch through the groove with sass. Utilizing long breaks and deep swelling bass to rally energy, the track concludes with all elements peaking in a melancholic drift. Just as apt for deep home listening as it is on a murky late night dancefloor.

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Patient Serenity with ‘And, We Disappear’ – Alaskan Tapes

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Alaskan Tapes is a producer whose work demonstrates a consistently impressive level of talent in the creation of ambient music. A few tracks even include full vocals; the artist’s skill evident in just how well those additions complement each melody.

Compared to other productions from Alaskan Tapes, the track ‘And, We Disappear’ is one of the most gentle. Previous tracks show a more deliberate movement to construct an environment around the listener, with a more powerful undercurrent. Certainly, behind the creation of this recent track lies both experience and effort, but despite these qualities (or perhaps because of them), the sound produced is never overbearing. Instead it’s patient, warm, and softly quite emotional.

The samples feel organic and physical, backed up with a light addition of field recording style scrapes and creaks. This level of the track plays off the more overarching orchestral layer, giving a sense of detail and texture. When a more individual string melody does emerge, it’s already late in the song, and past the point of acclimatisation. Despite the delayed entrance of the sample the harmony is perfectly maintained and the latecomer rounds off what really is a beautiful track.

Grab the whole album “Views From Sixteen Stories” now available on vinyl, cd and digital.

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Experience and power with Neuland - Longing in Motion

With both members of Neuland having been part of the pioneering electronica group Tangerine Dream, there’s no shortage of experience in this pairing. Peter Baumann and Paul Haslinger are far past fighting for recognition in the electronic music scene, and although they’ve never stopped producing music I can’t help but think back to earlier work they produced. Iconic equipment like the Mellotron featured in their tracks, and I was curious to see what sound could be discovered in ‘Longing in Motion’, their much more recent release.

The lead-in makes use of ominous, sweeping waves of dark synth which establish a void-like tone. A higher pitched note breaks through, and as a movie buff I can’t help but think of sci-fi noir settings like that of Blade Runner. While the track doesn’t lean into a sense of aggression, the waves of synth feel muted but quietly powerful; just enough to prevent total withdrawal into the sound. The result of this is a soundscape that seems to be suited more for contemplation, beautiful but with little push for any kind of narrative or pace.

‘Longing in Motion’ is a song with a certain oceanic quality to it, wherein a sense of quiet power balances a track which offers the listener time to breathe, and time to reflect.

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Distant Matters of a Duo From Sydney and Berlin

Pinz & Pelz are a cross global duo, having met in Melbourne in 2018, the Sydney / Berlin based producers have been steadily occupying a presence in the international scene.

‘Distant Matter’ is the first track to premiere off their upcoming September 27th release ‘Purer Life’ EP. The release has already been gaining some reputable recognition, with cross genre production, Pinz & Pelz encapsulate both of their styles, interests and experiences into this distinctive project. 

This track is a piece reminiscent of early liquid drum and bass productions, yet it seems to stem across more genres than just the foundational rhythm. This independent release dwells through a melodic sphere, one which distances melodies from the hard hitting beat whilst maintaining the cohesiveness of the piece. The melodic journey of this track embarks with a chordal pad and on it's way encounters progressing arpeggiator notes that compliment the overall structure of the piece.

Throughout this journey you will hear rising noises, articulated filter movements, progressing melodies and of course a beautiful saxophone which finds its place in the midst of all the complementary elements. The melodies will make you feel meanwhile the rhythm will keep you moving, Distant Matter allows for contrasting energies to come together into a truly unforgettable musical progression.

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Carefully Constructed Soundscapes with Carson Teal - Liquid Honey

In most cases the objective of ambient music is ultimately to construct an atmosphere, and it’s impressive just how quickly Carson Teal is able to achieve this with Liquid Honey, a track which extends a little past the two minute mark.

The Toronto based artist continues to play with the low, measured, dubstep style which underlays his previous work, but this element of the sound takes more of a backseat than in past tracks; instead it supports the cinematic beat collapses that thread throughout Liquid Honey and provide a sense of pace and purpose.

Overlaid onto these heavier sounds, the influence of Carson’s experimental field recording roots can be heard. The track name put me in mind of something smooth and sweet, but immediately things went in another direction as I was met by an insect-like buzz which I could believe was sampled from a mosquito. High pitched but delicate whirs and clicks pervade the song, echoing notes which make full use of surround sound and successfully establish the soundscape before the latter half of the track as the ambient crescendos roll in.

Carson Teal gives us a dreamlike track that immediately draws us in, delivers an environment, and quietly fades out. Certainly, I’ve heard songs five times the length that don’t match the level of immersion achieved by Liquid Honey. Grab the whole EP here.

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Floating through the Carnaval de Nantes with Words Between Heads

Words Between Heads is a NYC based bedroom producer. Often incorporating guitar, bass, and vocals into their productions, they enjoy experimenting with many genres while retaining a level of pop sensibility.

Inspired by time living in the city of Nantes, France, Carnaval de Nantes floats through a textured assortment of subdued elements that pulls inspiration from the smooth stylings of Bossa Nova music. The syncopated drum rhythm, clean layers of rhythmic and meandering guitar, and steady bassline set the mood for anything from a mid afternoon coffee on an early autumn rainy day to a casual stroll through the Carnaval de Nantes itself with all it’s merry festivities.

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Rewind of a classic- Original Nuttah turns 25

With the golden days of sound system culture long-gone, every now and then we get some throwbacks. Occasional Dillinja remasters, sporadic DJ Aphrodite shows or a rare Goldie releases to name a few. End of 2019 summer is rewarding all of the junglists out there with a re-recorded version of one of the most influential tracks in the underground scene of UK – Original Nuttah 25 by UK Apache and Shy FX released on cult.ure (Shy FX’s output).

It is quite challenging to find a true jungle sound these days which makes this release a treat for any lover of deep bass, Jamaican vocals and amen breaks. Alongside the remix, by Chase & Status, this 2-track is a great throwback to the golden era of this genre. Saul and Will from C&S did justice on the original, as expected after their remix from 2017 of another jungle classic – Valley of the Shadows by Origin Unknown.

‘Original Nuttah 25’ is simply a truthful recreation of the original with the mighty Idris Elba on mic duties, with a twist on the drum groove and the overall sound updated to today’s standards.

Here’s to another 25 years of lively basslines, chopped up funk breaks and soulful vocals.

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An Intimate Sound From Montpellier

arthrn, a multi-genre music producer from France, presents one of his ambient pieces titled ‘While’, as part of the Stagne EP which appeared on the web a few months ago.

Originality in sound design is certainly a quality that defines arthrn, this piece is one that creates a space taking on the presence beyond that which physical sound occupies. It offers a space of emotional depth, which is suggested by the harmonic yet inharmonic combination of sounds that disseminate across an ever lasting reverb, with shifting pitches and gliding chords, the melodic progressions are one of a kind.

Listening to While, in the distance of the reverb you will hear sounds reminding us of a horn, plucked instruments and sustained keys that are all made to sound unlike you would imagine.

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The individual approach of SigObrilllAndo – True Mental

Unlike some of our submissions, True Mental by SigObrilllAndo is a track that’s been given time to spread its wings, reaching a little past six minutes. It’s not the most predictable of productions either. My expectations of a sudden, heavier pulse of bass taking advantage of the song’s build up took a while to recede, as I realised there was no incoming acceleration.

Personally, I tend to hear more songs that have sudden, dramatic changes in rhythm or style, designed to catch the listener and guide their perception. In contrast, there’s a unique kind of value in the way that True Mental seems much less concerned about the audience, and entirely at ease with the sound it delivers. The introductory hits of percussion were something I expected to be quickly discarded in favour of more impactful bass or synth, but instead SigObrilllAndo keeps the faith, letting the percussion roll through as the key player.

That’s not at all to say this is a song without variety. The track brings us through soft vocals, a pleasingly funky shift in the song, and some alien flicks of electronic. There are some moments of intensification, but instead of aggression the focus is on an overlap of the mellow levels developed within the track. Instead of searching for an effective way to make a distinguishable impact through breaks or crescendo the artist builds layers, each creative and confident.

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Solar Powered Electronica from Tree Bosier

Tree Bosier is the alias of St Petersburg based musician and producer Max Ananyev. Often producing, mixing and mastering, and releasing his music at a steady pace, it is no secret that Max keeps busy. Whether it be ambient, hip hop, bass, or jazz, a defining characteristic of Max’s music is his use of electro acoustic guitar, and a variety of acoustic instruments in combination with digital and analog electronics.

Released in the midst of the summer heat and dedicated to natural phenomena and the sun, ‘Solstice’, Max’s latest EP on Belarusian label Ezhevika, covers some ground and leads the listener through 6 tracks of lush, textured ambient and indie electronics. The title track ‘Solstice’ defiantly sets the pace with a steady, syncopated kick and snare, holding its groove alongside a drifting and spacious synth. Equinox and Wind Control System follow in a similar vein, polyrhythmic, dubbed out, and hopeful. Observatory refreshes the pallet, with it’s slow and spacious live drumming, while Incandescence and merging as well as Whale song tie the release together, providing some ambient introspection. 

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