Distant Matters of a Duo From Sydney and Berlin

Pinz & Pelz are a cross global duo, having met in Melbourne in 2018, the Sydney / Berlin based producers have been steadily occupying a presence in the international scene.

‘Distant Matter’ is the first track to premiere off their upcoming September 27th release ‘Purer Life’ EP. The release has already been gaining some reputable recognition, with cross genre production, Pinz & Pelz encapsulate both of their styles, interests and experiences into this distinctive project. 

This track is a piece reminiscent of early liquid drum and bass productions, yet it seems to stem across more genres than just the foundational rhythm. This independent release dwells through a melodic sphere, one which distances melodies from the hard hitting beat whilst maintaining the cohesiveness of the piece. The melodic journey of this track embarks with a chordal pad and on it's way encounters progressing arpeggiator notes that compliment the overall structure of the piece.

Throughout this journey you will hear rising noises, articulated filter movements, progressing melodies and of course a beautiful saxophone which finds its place in the midst of all the complementary elements. The melodies will make you feel meanwhile the rhythm will keep you moving, Distant Matter allows for contrasting energies to come together into a truly unforgettable musical progression.

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