The individual approach of SigObrilllAndo – True Mental

Unlike some of our submissions, True Mental by SigObrilllAndo is a track that’s been given time to spread its wings, reaching a little past six minutes. It’s not the most predictable of productions either. My expectations of a sudden, heavier pulse of bass taking advantage of the song’s build up took a while to recede, as I realised there was no incoming acceleration.

Personally, I tend to hear more songs that have sudden, dramatic changes in rhythm or style, designed to catch the listener and guide their perception. In contrast, there’s a unique kind of value in the way that True Mental seems much less concerned about the audience, and entirely at ease with the sound it delivers. The introductory hits of percussion were something I expected to be quickly discarded in favour of more impactful bass or synth, but instead SigObrilllAndo keeps the faith, letting the percussion roll through as the key player.

That’s not at all to say this is a song without variety. The track brings us through soft vocals, a pleasingly funky shift in the song, and some alien flicks of electronic. There are some moments of intensification, but instead of aggression the focus is on an overlap of the mellow levels developed within the track. Instead of searching for an effective way to make a distinguishable impact through breaks or crescendo the artist builds layers, each creative and confident.

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