Solar Powered Electronica from Tree Bosier

Tree Bosier is the alias of St Petersburg based musician and producer Max Ananyev. Often producing, mixing and mastering, and releasing his music at a steady pace, it is no secret that Max keeps busy. Whether it be ambient, hip hop, bass, or jazz, a defining characteristic of Max’s music is his use of electro acoustic guitar, and a variety of acoustic instruments in combination with digital and analog electronics.

Released in the midst of the summer heat and dedicated to natural phenomena and the sun, ‘Solstice’, Max’s latest EP on Belarusian label Ezhevika, covers some ground and leads the listener through 6 tracks of lush, textured ambient and indie electronics. The title track ‘Solstice’ defiantly sets the pace with a steady, syncopated kick and snare, holding its groove alongside a drifting and spacious synth. Equinox and Wind Control System follow in a similar vein, polyrhythmic, dubbed out, and hopeful. Observatory refreshes the pallet, with it’s slow and spacious live drumming, while Incandescence and merging as well as Whale song tie the release together, providing some ambient introspection. 

Check out ‘Solstice’ on Bandcamp and more of Tree Bosier below. 

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