Juno Mamba's signature sound in "Flicker"

Flicker is a welcoming introduction to the work of Juno Mamba – an Aussie producer who is set to release his debut EP in 2020. His influences of Bonobo and Four Tet are apparent but not obvious, and his fresh take on blending that signature sound with his own unique idea of dance music results in original and infectious club ready grooves.

The track, which features bright atmospheric sounds and a synthetic brass lead, snowballs into a build-up and is then followed by a much more organic and minimalistic motif. The progression of the arrangement seems simplistic, but layers and textures are added and subtracted to add that extra flavour, while keeping the listener hooked. Changes between the synthetic sounds and organic textures create a sense of tension while still maintaining a masterful balance.

A slow but engaging progression and a non-linear arrangement play up the overall uniqueness of the piece and help to frame some unforgettable musical moments. Undoubtably there will be many more of those once his debut EP ‘Light Echoes’ drops in 2020 on Soothsayer Records.

Grab the single here.

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