Unique moments from Små Vågor - Fyrtornet

Hailing from Sweden, Ambient/Drone artist Henrik von Euler has worked under a number of monikers, and consistently produced note-worthy tracks with each incarnation. Euler also has 15 years of experience running the Swedish label Flora & Fauna, releasing music with a wide variety of artists. His new track Fyrtornet comes as part of his fourth album produced under the pseudonym of Små Vågor, meaning small waves.  

With field recordings of bird cries and wind, the sound produced sometimes borders on desolate, but the deep bass and alien flickers of synth which guide the track also help to bring in a feeling of warmth. Drone is a genre that can at times be jarring and aggressive, but again, that lower bass does so much to calm and reassure the listener. It could also be viewed as being experimental, but doesn’t cross the boundary where the desire to do something different leaves a track creative but unorganised.

Fyrtornet is the type of song that could be listened to at any time, but will resonate much more strongly if the listener is able to stumble into it at just the right moment. Headphones on a cold day, alone at 2am, the day reaching twilight; in slightly otherworldly and unique atmospheres like these, Fyrtornet can amplify that unique aesthetic.

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