Patient Serenity with ‘And, We Disappear’ – Alaskan Tapes

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Alaskan Tapes is a producer whose work demonstrates a consistently impressive level of talent in the creation of ambient music. A few tracks even include full vocals; the artist’s skill evident in just how well those additions complement each melody.

Compared to other productions from Alaskan Tapes, the track ‘And, We Disappear’ is one of the most gentle. Previous tracks show a more deliberate movement to construct an environment around the listener, with a more powerful undercurrent. Certainly, behind the creation of this recent track lies both experience and effort, but despite these qualities (or perhaps because of them), the sound produced is never overbearing. Instead it’s patient, warm, and softly quite emotional.

The samples feel organic and physical, backed up with a light addition of field recording style scrapes and creaks. This level of the track plays off the more overarching orchestral layer, giving a sense of detail and texture. When a more individual string melody does emerge, it’s already late in the song, and past the point of acclimatisation. Despite the delayed entrance of the sample the harmony is perfectly maintained and the latecomer rounds off what really is a beautiful track.

Grab the whole album “Views From Sixteen Stories” now available on vinyl, cd and digital.

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