Carefully Constructed Soundscapes with Carson Teal - Liquid Honey

In most cases the objective of ambient music is ultimately to construct an atmosphere, and it’s impressive just how quickly Carson Teal is able to achieve this with Liquid Honey, a track which extends a little past the two minute mark.

The Toronto based artist continues to play with the low, measured, dubstep style which underlays his previous work, but this element of the sound takes more of a backseat than in past tracks; instead it supports the cinematic beat collapses that thread throughout Liquid Honey and provide a sense of pace and purpose.

Overlaid onto these heavier sounds, the influence of Carson’s experimental field recording roots can be heard. The track name put me in mind of something smooth and sweet, but immediately things went in another direction as I was met by an insect-like buzz which I could believe was sampled from a mosquito. High pitched but delicate whirs and clicks pervade the song, echoing notes which make full use of surround sound and successfully establish the soundscape before the latter half of the track as the ambient crescendos roll in.

Carson Teal gives us a dreamlike track that immediately draws us in, delivers an environment, and quietly fades out. Certainly, I’ve heard songs five times the length that don’t match the level of immersion achieved by Liquid Honey. Grab the whole EP here.

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