Facing forward with Mindsight's 'Source'

Mindsight, AKA Joshua Neumann, hails from Munich, Germany. At 22 years old, he’s been making quite a stir in European and US music scenes. With a varied discography of EP’s, tracks, and remixes, Mindsight melds genre and sounds into his own concoctions. From cavernous synths, deep bass, and hard hitting rhythms, to vibrant and spacious downtempo, Mindsight stares fiercely forward into the future and is one to keep an ear out for in 2019 and beyond. 

Their latest track ‘Source’ opens with an arpeggiating synth, building with a harmonic underlayer before promptly dropping into a syncopated, swing heavy percussion typically associated with UK Garage. Sharp vocal cuts punch through the groove with sass. Utilizing long breaks and deep swelling bass to rally energy, the track concludes with all elements peaking in a melancholic drift. Just as apt for deep home listening as it is on a murky late night dancefloor.

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