Experience and power with Neuland - Longing in Motion

With both members of Neuland having been part of the pioneering electronica group Tangerine Dream, there’s no shortage of experience in this pairing. Peter Baumann and Paul Haslinger are far past fighting for recognition in the electronic music scene, and although they’ve never stopped producing music I can’t help but think back to earlier work they produced. Iconic equipment like the Mellotron featured in their tracks, and I was curious to see what sound could be discovered in ‘Longing in Motion’, their much more recent release.

The lead-in makes use of ominous, sweeping waves of dark synth which establish a void-like tone. A higher pitched note breaks through, and as a movie buff I can’t help but think of sci-fi noir settings like that of Blade Runner. While the track doesn’t lean into a sense of aggression, the waves of synth feel muted but quietly powerful; just enough to prevent total withdrawal into the sound. The result of this is a soundscape that seems to be suited more for contemplation, beautiful but with little push for any kind of narrative or pace.

‘Longing in Motion’ is a song with a certain oceanic quality to it, wherein a sense of quiet power balances a track which offers the listener time to breathe, and time to reflect.

Pre-order Neuland LP out October 25th.

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