Tourist travels to new musical territory with upcoming album 'Wild'

UK-based producer and composer Tourist has been producing steadily in the pop-electronic arena for the better part of a decade, and throughout that time has also been evolving his sound with an ever-accelerating tempo — both literally and figuratively. Incredibly, his upcoming album ‘Wild’ will be his second of 2019 (yes, we’re still in summer), and for this particular release seems to be pushing the pace of his tracks as well.

The second single from Wild, titled ‘Bunny’, is a slow pop-house burner clocking in at around 117 bpm. It’s a bit of a departure from his traditional downtempo/synthpop space, but it fits in well with a number of other artists that have made the switch to 4x4 beats lately, most notably Bonobo with his Outlier concert series. The track has a straightforward rhythmic structure that’s easy to dance to, a subtle oldschool rave/dnb-style bassline, and surrounds itself with a hazy arpeggio that wraps you up like a warm blanket on a cool summer night. And of course, that’s exactly how many will listen to this track as festival season enters the home stretch and we all try to hold on to the magic for just a little while longer.

Stream ‘Bunny’ above, and look out for the full album ‘Wild’, dropping on Monday Records soon.

— review by autonomy

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