Site-Specific Explorations from Collaborative Ambient duo- Pétra

With the sometimes faceless and boarderless characteristics that comes along with music and media in the digital age, it’s refreshing to see contemporary artists create inspired, collaborative pieces with a natural spontaneity and strong sense of place.

Pétra is a new collaborative music project from Brian Allen Simon (aka Anenon) and Chantal Chadwick. Neither a stranger to the creative process, Brian’s ‘Anenon’ project has been featured at festivals and events around the world, while Chadwick’s experience as a curator, editor, writer, and dancer has honed her skills as a multidisciplinary creative consultant. The duo’s debut album ‘Aunis’, set for release September 20th via Injazero Records, incorporates ethereal electronic elements and dream-like ambient atmospheres across 13 finely crafted tracks. Primarily written, performed, produced, and recorded on the volcanic island of Nisyros, Greece in late 2018, Pétra means ‘stone, rock’ and very much embodies the sound and philosophy of the duo.

Although we’ll have to wait for the release date to hear the full album, the duo did leak an early track entitled ‘Aunis’. It’s a sonic exploration very much inspired by the barren, volcanic Greek landscape. Slow electronic oscillations give way to broader strokes of white noise and reverb-rich melodic meanderings. Elements of rebirth and melancholy take centre-stage as the piece comes full circle and fades to a pensive close.

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