Electro - Acoustic Synth funk with Germany's POLY POLY

With the increasingly blurred lines of today’s musical landscape it’s not easy coming up with something cohesive yet unique. Combining various sounds, styles and techniques while keeping it all honed and definite is all a balancing act rarely realized. But not only does Munich-based musical duo ‘POLY POLY’ achieve these things, they offer it all up in an infectious, groove-rich package that is distinctively their own.

It’s a symbiotic sound that’s taken multi instrumentalist Hans Hu$tle and synth operator Volt Age years to craft. Drawing from a wide variety of genres and styles, the two hand pick elements from funk, hip hop, synthwave and electronica for a result that’ll surely have you hitting ‘replay’. Their recent double release of “Forgotten Remixes from the Future” and “Forgotten Instrumentals from the Future” definitely had that effect on us as they offer up two different styles of some contemporary classic grooves.

After the release of their debut album last year, the producer duo decided to move in a slightly different direction searching out new sounds and influences. But it wasn’t until they stumbled upon the acapella of John Legend’s and Al Green’s “Stay with me“ that the creative lightbulb went off and the studio whirred into action. Taking some of their favourite soulful melodies and offering their own interpretation on the tracks resulted in a refreshed workflow and revitalized perspective on the creative process. With 5 tracks, ranging from funk and soul to downtempo and hip hop, the duo offers tasteful remixes highlighted with soaring synths, saturated drums and slinking basslines.

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Forgotten Remixes from the Future
Forgotten Instrumentals from the Future

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