Distance - From a Two Lane Highway to a Soviet Concrete Tower

Off to the East of the busy Russian capital of Moscow sits the smaller city of Vladimir, home to Michael Soldatkin aka Inchange, an electronic music producer who creates with instrumental, digital and analogue tools.

Michael’s music is often presented with certain dream-like elements, sustained notes and subtle movements that are translated from his thoughts into the physical world. He is a keen traveller and is often times on the road with his motorcycle, taking in the vastness of the Russian landscape for inspiration.

This particular track entitled “Distance” is the opening piece to his new 9 track album “Days Are Numbers”. Distance is a great way to become familiarized with Inchange and his environment. It begins with progressions that he has recorded off of his electric guitar, which sets the mood for the remaining 8 tracks with lofi elements and full spectrum pads that remind you of the soviet concrete towers standing in the light of the day and the dark of the night. Distance offers emotionally melodic progressions topped off with reverb-rich, sparsely placed vocals. Days Are Numbers is truly an album that encapsulates a Russian road trip, leaving your concrete flat as the opening track Distance establishes, to further driving down a two lane highway in the middle of a vast, open space.

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