Alone in Space with Pablo Nouvelle - Curiosity

Pablo Nouvelle’s track ‘Curiosity’ is a song that plays with a sense of scale, space and isolation. While some songs look to create a feeling of interaction and proximity the opposite occurs here, with echoing cinematic beats pushing back the edges of the environment and leaving us adrift in the midst of low, deep waves of synth. In response, very light sampling of organic noise in the background gives something of a grounding to this track, clicks and scrapes giving a sense of physical space which contrasts fantastically with the larger sweeping sounds.

After listening to the song I’m realising the track’s namesake might be the Mars Rover, since themes of space and isolation fit so well with this title. The wavering notes of the introduction bring with them nostalgia for the music of 80’s Sci-Fi, films which attempted to deal with how small our place in the universe is.

It’s just past the one minute mark this song comes into its own though, as the established calm, peaceful style reaches a momentary break just short enough make that sense of insignificance overwhelming. Percussion which is almost jarring snaps the song back into play, and this is the moment the track manages to carry off the sense of awe that always belongs in this type of cosmic production, and it’s that sense of awe that we’re left with as the song fades out.

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