Rob Simonsen Harnesses Nature's Beauty in 'Coeur'

American born Rob SImonsen, who has contributed his music towards some prestigious films such as ‘The Life of Pi’ and ‘(500) Days of Summer’, joins the Sony Masterworks label with a piece he has written and directed - “Coeur”.

The Los Angeles based musician has been in touch with music ever since childhood, his home was musically oriented and so he began acquiring the piano by ear at a young age and eventually became a ‘bedroom producer’, experimenting on his Macintosh with synthesis and MIDI programs. Since then he has studied Jazz piano in Universities across The United States, played in a live Drum and Bass band as well as produced various kinds of musical pieces and graphic art. Rob developed a keen sense towards soundtracks and scoring which has led to him being a well-known name in the film industry, and today his scores can be found in various projects and commercials.

When you listen to Coeur, a clear objective of Rob’s art presents itself through polarizing emotions created by rhythm and note combination - you can sense his intention to ‘harness beauty in the natural world’, representing not only one aspect to the world, but many in correlation to one another. This sense is highlighted throughout Coeur with various elements working independently to create a cohesive story, with stretched pads, gliding pitch, soft percussion and a rhythmical piano progression, Rob utilizes his well established experience. Coeur is a story of its own, with sudden changes in rhythm, melody and mood, it offers to harness the versatility of our world into a work of art.

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