Drifting Resonant moments in Non-Functional Harmony's ---a---

Non- Functional Harmony is a British-born producer based in Berlin who since 2017 has been steadily releasing ambient, techno/house inspired music. While there is little online that reveals a profile of his identity and back-ground there is enough to establish that N.F.H is a diverse and highly skilled producer with an impressive range in skills that see spectrum leaping genres come together under his brand of electronica. Jumping from synth pop, to house to ambient, to drone and the avant grade N.F.H. leaves a deep emotive imprint in all he touches. 

—-A—- is a collection of field recordings, distorted vocals and lush harrowing synths that creates a clutter-free collage of sonic stills that feels like the breath of space. It feels as if you are orbiting in the inner working of some kind of underlying sub-conscience. Snapshots that focus on a multitude of different moments that drift in and out. N.F.H. creates a lucid landscape that has the power to be very emotionally resonant, the reason being that no matter what genre or track you are listening to from N.F.H. you are fully immersed, fully engaged, feeling every note because N.F.H. is; it’s transparent and transcendent. 

While N.F.H. does have more than one ambient/drone release under his belt I would urge you to check out his Spotify or Soundcloud page to discover how broad and fully realized N.F.H. range is. While doing my research some tracks stood out to me and I think they are worth your attention, ‘The Fire’ and ’18 Frames’ in particular but be sure to check out more for what I am sure will be some new firm favourites waiting for you.

Catch more from Non-Function Harmony from the links below: 

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