Fervent Frequences in Fevrmoon's 'Summer Rain'

Fevrmoon is a singer (Jon Weston) and producer (Anton Patzner) combo hailing from Sacramento and Oakland in the U.S. On first listen to ’Summer Rain’ I became an instant fan. Not just because of the level of talent between the duo but also because of their story which reads like a script to that film you always wish would get made. 

Weston who decided long ago to leave behind any musical ambitions took up a secluded residence in Sacramento to farm walnuts and sell antiques. Struggling with depression and deciding to face it undertaking a spiritual journey that would change his life, opening him up to vulnerability and fear, Weston embraced all that lay before him and was able to put his demons to rest. 

Patzner was some what lost in today’s modern musical landscape coming from a traditional career within pop music, arranging strings that left him wanting to adjust to a whole new digital world that had changed so dramatically and rapidly. 

While working in his studio in Oakland, Weston had visited to loan Anton some antiques. Being friends, Anton asked Jon to lay a vocal track over something he had being working on. What happened next was a meeting of pent-up passions perfectly complementing each others release of sincere angst. That afternoon ‘Summer Rain’ was produced and holy moly is it something that makes the hairs on your arm stand to attention. 

Between Weston’s fervent vocal and the highly polished production value of Patzner, we are treated to a track that is lavish in harmonies and aware enough to pull back when it’s time to be more minimal and introspective. “Summer Rain’ is a song that explodes with feeling when it gets going, you can feel all the emotion of being found again after you have travelled for so long being lost. This is a beautiful piece of contemporary song writing that well deserves its place within your music collection for moments when being lifted is all that matters. 

Summer Rain is one of nine tracks from the self titled album ‘Fevrmoon’ available to stream or download from the links below:

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