Datach'i discovers the cycles of life with 'Akemies'

A few weeks ago we heard the first new music from veteran producer Datach’i in a few years, announcing to the world his return with an upcoming LP entitled ‘Bones,’ releasing the 26th July 2019 on Planet Mu sublabel Timesig. As mentioned in that review, Datach’i’s approach to this album was unlike any other in his now-sizable ouvre. With the recent passing of his father, he channelled thoughts and feelings into Bones that only significant disruptions such as this can bring.

Electronic music is almost intrinsically linked to repetition, to loops, to cycles. A form in which time bends back on itself, creating moments with no predetermined end. Datach’i employs this principle masterfully when he operates his custom-designed modular system, but in the context of this particular album, the producer born Joseph Fraioli reflects deeply on how this manifests in life: “It was something very much on my mind throughout recording this album, ends being beginnings and beginnings being the end. Cycles of time and how time works, it's all reflected throughout the album right down to how the tracks are ordered."

In particular, the opening track on Bones which we get to preview today, unmistakably captures how electronic music can reflect life in this cyclic manner. It’s a rhythmically mesmerizing start, intentionally obscuring the structure of various modulations to capture a feeling of perpetual movement. Fittingly, the track is titled ‘Akemies’, likely after Akemie’s Castle, a beautifully classic sounding FM synth module that propels the frantic synthetic percussion and kicks the album off with a bang.

Stream it above right now, and hop over to Datach’i’s bandcamp to pre-order the full album.

— review by autonomy

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