Michael Red flexes his dynamic range in remix of Kasm's 'Stargate'

Adam Hannibal A.K.A Kasm is a DJ, producer and label founder of the Juno award winning ‘Balanced Records’. A label based out of Montreal and Winnipeg that produces music that explores the more experimental and naturalistic side of electronic music. Over the last 15 years Balanced has released music that has consistently explored the fields of experimentation through multiple genres such as Dub, Reggae, House, Ambient, Hip-Hop, and Drum & Bass just to name a few. While doing this, Balanced has constructed a back catalogue of reputable music that has always explored the dynamics within these genres. 

‘Stargate’ is a track that is no different. Working upon on what Kasm sets out, Michael produces something that is far from routine. Expanding the naturalist percussion Michael’s well-crafted sound design creates something of an immersive world. The clever use of panning and reverb throughout draws you into almost a cinematic headspace that is further compounded through its main melody that has a sense of urgency and purpose. While Red’s remix doesn’t stray too far from its source material, it seems he has taken some of the signature elements and dialled them all the way up to eleven giving us a more club focused version.

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