From absurd to ambient Olof Cornéer travels to the other side of himself in 'The Last Days of New Glasir'.

Olof Cornéer is one half of the electronic duo Dada Life who primarily produce big room EDM/Electro House. Dada Life is a reference to the absurdist movement of the early 1900’s in Switzerland which makes a lot of sense when you sit down and strap in for any of their outlandish music videos and bombastic beats. Priding themselves on being uncompromising in their approach to derisory sensibilities, Dada life were consistent on delivering music that pushed the boundaries of the of the silly and well, absurd within EDM and Electro House.  

After taking some time out in 2014 to address some serious health issues Olaf started a new solo project in Night Gestalt which carries a narrative based around space exploration in reaction to the desolation of our planet. The concept albums are to be made in three parts, each telling their own story as part of a larger theme. 

‘The Last Days of New Glasir’ is the title track from the second album which was released on the 10th of May and I think it’s fair to say that Night Gestalt is as far removed from the productions of Dada Life as is the fictional ONE spacecraft Olaf imagined is from earth. 

The track with it’s free floating synth notation/melodies and vocals feels like that image we have seen a thousand times of a stunning isolated iceberg floating away into arresting oblivion surrounded by nothing except its own tragic fate. There are uplifting moments among some truly spectacular melancholy.

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