Datach'i finds another way to process death with 'Bones'

Longtime electronic producer Datach’i has a new album coming titled ‘Bones’, and while new music by great producers is usually cause for celebration, for Datach’i, it is a sombre moment. The album is a deeply personal reflection, made during the producer’s father’s battle with cancer and recent passing. The album releases 26th July 2019 on Planet Mu subsidiary label Timesig, but today we get to hear the 4th track from the album, ‘Rockledge 3A.’

You may think that writing music during such a difficult moment in life would produce decidedly darkly coloured music, but Datach’i shows us that there are other ways to process death. The intimacy of Rockledge 3A is readily apparent; however, it is also surprisingly upbeat. Synthetic polyrhythms abound, and warm, analog chords create an all-encompassing optimism, perhaps channeling an appreciation for what once was, rather than dwelling on what is no longer. Like Datach’i’s last album, ‘System,’ Bones was written, sequenced, and produced entirely within his custom-built modular system. Typically, modular-based music tends to lean on the side of dense and technical, but Datach’i’s musical touch instead imbues Bones with an emotionally rich palette. Clearly, he would rather prioritize sensitivity and intuitive appeal over rugged complexity, and it makes for a wonderfully listenable introduction to the album, despite, or perhaps in common cause of, the heaviness of its subject matter.

You can stream Rockledge 3A above, and if you like it, be sure to pre-order Bones via bandcamp for access to limited edition bonus materials, including the chance to win a TipTop Audio 'One' Modular sampler.

— review by autonomy

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