David Löhlein delivers broody, driving goodness in 'Exo'

David Löhlein is a producer, DJ and promoter from Stuttgart Germany. Starting his love affair with music at twelve years old by playing the trumpet, his passion for music grew into full realization when he discovered electronic music in his late teens. From there he decided to become an active member of his community by throwing events before developing into a well rounded DJ and producer. You can find many of his releases on; Vision Ekstae, Gynoid Audio, Translucent, and Counter Pulse. 

David has crafted a trademark sound for deep and dark driving techno and In his latest title track from his ‘Exo’ Ep, David delivers a groover that is perfect for building tension and atmosphere in any big room setting. ‘Exo’ would not be out of place on a release run from labels such as Bush, Blueprint and Drumcode back in their heyday in the mid-late 90s. ‘Exo’ is full of warmth while remaining broody and full of purpose. Field recorded ambient sounds give a sense of danger while the chopped and delayed vocal offers a sultry and grounding release from the darker elements giving the track a well rounded feel while still being singular in its intension to forge atmosphere.

‘Exo’ working perfectly as a reliable builder for moments before you plan to take the roof off the place. A solid release from a consistent producer who has a strong focus on delivering exciting, high energy, dynamic techno. Perfect for your library of weekend bangers. 

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