Seb Wildblood Allows us into his Personal Space in "Sketches'

South London producer and label head honcho Seb Wildblood has had a very busy year juggling not one but three labels as well as touring globally to put wax to waves at various notable festivals. Often regarded as one of the most prolific figures in the Uk underground scene, Seb impressively has managed to carve out  time to work on his debut LP ‘Sketches of Transition’ which is due for release on the 26th of July on All My Thoughts. 

Church and Coastal Haze are both labels that stretch the limits of house and deep house often venturing into experimental territory where few tend to tread. Fused with Jazz and heavily influenced by 90’s production styles that borrow from a lot more genres than just house, Church and Coastal Haze have grown to forge a reputation for being taste makers that never hold back in terms of imagination and flare. 

’Sketches’ is a departure from the output of both Church and Costal Haze by being more grounded and introspective, delivering an opening to an album which feels a lot more personal. The lead synth melody is constant throughout supported only by a few other elements, playful percussion and a lazy warm and fuzzy bass-line that drop in and out to converse with the principal melody. What Seb creates is a beautiful simplistic down-tempo track that creates moments of serenity while still managing to be uplifting and vivacious. Perfect lounge listening for any day of the week.

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