Exploring Far Away Galaxies with Voyager II

Just as various elements continually mix throughout our solar system, London electronic jazz duo ‘Voyager II’ coalesce different sounds and styles into their own unique musical blend. With Eamon Foreman on Guitar and Sergiu Fanica on Drums, the duo take an organic and uncluttered approach to spacey electronica with hints of their jazz roots shining though.

’Falling’ harnesses the spontaneous energy of the duo featuring live takes of both drums and guitar to give the track a kind of natural and unedited energy. With a dynamic and smooth mixdown courtesy of Marcin Cichy, the track really breathes with a kind of coherence while just the right amount of drum saturation keeps the syncopated rhythms up front. It’s the kind of track that achieves that rare balance of technical and musical prowess and reminds us that perhaps it doesn’t take a spaceship to experience moments of weightlessness.

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