Ambient duo Windy and Carl remind us to get back to nature

Every now and then we need a little reminder to slow down, refresh and relax from the big city hustle and bustle. In the Great Lakes region of Canada and America that often means getting back to nature and heading to a cabin, cottage or campsite. Not only is time in the forest, mountains and lakes good for you, but for husband and wife ambient duo ‘Windy and Carl’ it brings a whole lot of creative inspiration too.

”To this day, Carl and I would rather be outside than in. We would rather see the wind cause the trees to sway and dance, listen to all the voices of the forest animals, and hear the chorus of insects, than be stuck inside..”

Their new track ‘Forest Trails’ draws heavily from the natural world, featuring a slowly morphing soundscape of chirping birds, brisk wind and swaying trees. There is just enough structure to make the duo’s signature sound audible. Relaxed reverb and delay drenched guitar meanderings lay nicely alongside the backdrop of soothing and calm field recordings.

’Forest Trails’ serves as the second single for the upcoming release of ‘Pure Sounds of Michigan’ a unique ambient album showcasing the abundance of natural spaces the state has to offer as interpreted by some of the regions best musicians and producers. The album is set for a May 22nd release on Detroit-based Assemble Sound, and was imagined, created, and released by Michigan’s tourism arm, Travel Michigan as a part of the Pure Michigan campaign, in conjunction with the label.

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