Arabic Lofi beats from Jordan's - Zi7

We’re lucky to be able to feature some pretty unique sounds here on the blog, from producers crafting their own distinctive soundscapes to musicians presenting their honed creative output, the sheer amount of music coming out daily makes standing out from the crowd perhaps harder than ever.

Although putting forth some wholly original sounds may not come easy, for today’s guest it seems totally natural. Zi7 - زيح (pronounced ‘Zeeh’) is a Jordanian beatmaker focused on reviving traditional Arabic music through sampling. Combining elements of lofi beats, jazz and Middle Eastern sounds, Zi7 creates hazy beat collages with hints of Arabic nostalgia.

His recent release ‘Tamheedat: Volume I’ features 6 tracks of chopped up samples, saturated drums and traditional Arabic instruments. With most tracks under the 2 minute range, the tunes play as low slung sketches and the album as an effortless journey into the ancient sun-kissed landscape of the Middle East.

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