Evän drops lofi gems with "Dernière" singles

Spanish up and coming beatmaker ‘Evän’ just dropped a fresh collection of chilled out soundscapes for you to float off to. "Dernière" singles is a collection of 8 lofi jams that feature crunchy drums, dusty samples and drifting melodies. With most tracks around the 2 minute mark, the collection of singles serve as a good introduction to the laid back sounds of the budding beatmaker.

The opening track ‘eternal’ sets the vibe with looping vocals, saturated drums and a dreamy flute. The tracks proceed with a kind of natural fluency, meanwhile there’s still a strong feeling of narrative. The phone message near the end of the track ‘camelia’ flows well, while giving a feeling of warmth in this chilled out world that Evän has crafted. Keep your eyes peeled for the full "Dernière" album coming May 24th.

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