Cross Continental Ambient Journeys with Poland's Grzegorz Bojanek

Prolific Polish ambient producer Grzegorz Bojanek makes his first solo appearance on Warsaw-based electronic label- N_Coded. ‘Pure’ is a stripped back 4 track EP that has been a long time coming for the experienced composer.

“I have been intending to record a "purely ambient" album for a long time. I love to listen to such music myself, but when I was creating my own interpretations of this genre, I couldn‘t limit myself in form. "Pure" is my attempt to deal with "pure ambient", not enriched with rhythm or other ornaments.”

And in many ways this is exactly how the album plays; as an undiluted and authentic ambient listening experience. There’s no percussive sounds or samples to distract, just epic pad washes, emotive drones and waves of noise assembled by a true craftsman.

Bojanek took a great deal of inspiration for the album from his travels and experiences in China.
Along with Chinese musician and friend Zen Lu, the two founded the ChoP project in 2006 which provided a platform for artists from both countries to meet, brainstorm new ideas, and perform concerts in China and Europe. Touring through China often meant great adventures on crowded trains, sometimes cramped sleeping spaces and skyscraper studded megacities. In many ways ‘Pure’ stands as a reflection of these distant memories along with a fleeting feeling of nostalgia and the simple wish to connect with an old friend.

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