Idm infused techno from Toronto's Fermi Lekunde

Fermi Lekunde offers warm techno atmospheres in his first release “Comess”, a two-track EP of textured rhythmic beats, glitches, and hyper melodies. Combining ambient textures and cinematic pads with IDM influences at a speed of 130bpm, he is able to create dance-pounding experiences tuned to headphone listeners as well as the dancefloor. 

The EP opens with ‘Fist 20’ which features a blizzard of noises, textures and finely crafted points of percussion. The track feels quirky and jittery but never veers too far off track as the solid arrangement keeps things chugging ahead. Things get a bit more moody with the B side as Lekunde shifts to a more melancholic part of his psyche. Still characterized by rich percussion and sound design ‘Usery’ also brings with it euphoric pads and nested notes of melodic madness.

Fermi Lekunde is a musical project of Toronto-based artist Marlin Tusha. Classically trained in piano, he began to experiment with electronic sounds early on, including FM synthesis, deconstructed analogue beats, and space FX. Being inspired by the emerging techno scene in Toronto, with venues like 500 Keele and an array of artists like Jeremy Greenspan, Ciel, and Daphni, Fermi Lekunde embarks on a new challenge of establishing his own sound for dance floors across the City.

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