Infectious and Honest Art-Pop from Toronto's 'Language Arts'

Have you ever felt like you were running against the wind? In a relationship, work or just life in general? No matter how much energy you put into something, things just wouldn’t progress?

Well this is the premise behind the first single from Toronto Art-pop duo ‘Language Arts’ upcoming album ‘Lemon/Lime’. Kristen Cudmore, the lead guitarist and vocalist of the band, calls it "one of those, why try, songs? When I was with him, I was exhausted. I was running against the wind". 

The track exudes a rare kind of honesty set against a backdrop of catchy songwriting and slick production. Looking a bit deeper into the track credits, it’s clear that the song is not only a gem of cancon but also very much a Toronto affair. In addition to Cudmore’s infectious lyrics and Neil MacIntosh’s snappy drumming, the track also features platinum selling producer Joel Souffer and the final polish from mastering engineer Noah Mintz.

The result? An unforgettable, sincere and dynamic art-pop experience.

Check out the animated video above from artists - Sungha Chang and Britton Proulx or grab yourself a copy of the single over on the Language Arts Bandcamp

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