Late Night Nostalgia with NVY's 'Knife Play'

Remember the golden days of rave? Before the internet, before stream counts and follower numbers defined an artist? When literally the only way to hear a new track was to find that event where one of those select DJs were playing one of the few promo copies in existence?
When going to a party brought with it an air of mystery, allure and even danger?

Well the times have changed and those days have come and gone, but fortunately for us the sound hasn’t. That same surreal and enigmatic quality can be heard in NVY’s recent release entitled ‘Knife Play.’

Born in Vancouver, NVY played guitar and wrote songs in bands throughout high school and found a love for music production after being introduced to Ableton by a friend. Since starting production at 14, his sound has undergone many changes and evolutions ranging from dance music to hip hop to pop. Taking inspiration from the likes of New Order and Metronomy, NVY’s sound features a depth well beyond his years yet remains lush, organic and sonically accessible.  

’Knife Play’ draws the listener into a mysterious world of lost loves and late night, dimly lit underground clubs. With a sound that feels full yet totally natural and uncluttered, ‘Knife Play’ steams forward with a floating sense of nostalgia amidst minimal percussion and a raw, euphoric bassline.

NVY describes his headspace when writing the track:
”I was feeling techy and minimal one morning so I decided to try and write, finish and release a track in a few hours. It was a fun experimentation session that resulted in a nice blend between ambience and rhythm. Also I wanted to release something spontaneously since I've been working on my album for the past year and felt a little bored with all the waiting involved with scheduling releases so some experimentation and jamming was long over due.”

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