Organic Lo-Fi with Pinz & Pelz

The new release from Berlin/Sidney duo Pinz & Pelz, ‘A Lazy Day’, carries with it vibes of old school house, smoothed out and brought back from the club to more personal setting. Pinz & Pelz tend to produce more chilled out music, intermixed with occasional breaks and sharper samples that give their sound an edge.

With a slightly bulky start, ‘A Lazy Day’ takes a moment to collect itself together. The introduction could almost be called a little experimental; different samples and instruments fade in then quickly but softly fade out again. The snatches of organic instruments and waves of cosmic harmony flow over more concrete synth beats, as the assortment of sounds which interact throughout the song gradually emerge.

At about 1:20 some great electronic melodies begin to weave together the track, incorporating some creative wind and percussion from instruments including African mallets and a Persian Ney flute. The resultant sound is actually a little playful, with a sense of potential and variety. That this is a song which fits with a mellow vibe is clear, but there’s also a sense of a natural environment being expressed, the physicality of the organic samples used preventing the synth melodies from overriding the feel of the track.

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