Upcoming in Vancouver: Fixing Entropy - Photography Exhibition


This Friday the 13th, join us as Capture Photography Festival co-hosts with Hyphen Collective at Push Pull Cafe to present Fixing Entropy - Photography Exhibition with the ADSR crew on audio support for an exciting opening! 

"This exhibition remarks on photography’s innate ability to act as an apparatus against entropy. As entropy proposes that reality moves toward a sea of evenly distributed chaos, photography, in its deepest ontological and material foundations, attempts to secure time and space before it fades from sight. Through traditional photographic practices, the subject of this show takes up spaces and materials that have already begun this process of dissolution but, through photography, are fixed before entering total disarray."

Featuring photography by:

📷 Matthew Wong (Hyphen Collective)

📷 Noah Friebel

Music selections by:

🎵 Jon O'Neil
🎵 Thomas Osicka
🎵 Sladien.m