Ambient Longplayer from New York's John Thayer

How long should a good ambient track be?

5 minutes? 10 minutes? 15 minutes?

New York composer and musician- John Thayer and Washington DC based record label- Surfacing Records both agree it should be somewhere up the double digits. Which in itself, is quite the feat. To create a sonically engaging, varied and dynamic arrangement that can not only hold the listeners attention for that amount of time, but gradually and subtly pull them into a world of warm tape loops and organic field recordings.

Thayer’s release ‘Regarding Wave’ from earlier this year has exactly this drawn out, engaging effect. Featuring 2 tracks of 14 and 17 minutes in length, the release takes an unhurried approach into a world of soft synths, lofi vibrations, and delicate drones. It’s the perfect unobtrusive soundtrack to accompany a good book or a quick mental reset. Regardless of the musical pairing, John Thayer’s thoughtful and effortless compositions should definitely be on your ambient music radar.

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