Kurt Stewart has me dreaming of Laundry!

When Kurt Stewart described what was going through his head when he put “Laundry” together it said “ I made this beat looking out the window watching fall turn to winter.” And I think that is the perfect way to describe this seasonal, chilled out track.

Funny enough in the UK there is a laundry softening detergent named “Comfort”. Now it’s a simplistic name but a powerful one because that one word associated with fresh clothes invokes an image of something basic, something soothing. On a cold, blustery autumn day it’s nice to do things around the house, tidy up the living room, light a fire, make a cup of coffee maybe while listening to Kurt Stewarts new release because you know what? It has the same effect as all of the above. It comforts you, from the deep resonant bassline to the crackling background sound of vinyl, the crisp drums and the dreamy Rhodes chords. All of these elements bring you the auditory version of that feeling of fresh laundry, of a warm fire on a cold day, protected from the winds outside. Kurt has captured this feeling perfectly. The only thing I wish is that the run time was a bit longer. At 1:38, we get just a brief taste of this breezy, laid back world. Regardless, there’s no doubt that this is a solid Lo-Fi Hip-Hop gem for any playlist.

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