Magamura "Supernaturals" sees vinyl release

Following their surprising debut on cassette tape last February, Magamura is now putting out the vinyl version of their daringly unique album: "Supernaturals". Comprised of Eril Fjord and Laurine Frost, the Hungarian duo have carved out their reputation through live performances at renowned festivals and venues like Arma in Moscow.  Combining Eril's indie aesthetic with the electronic music prowess of Laurine, the two weave a sonic tapestry of organic and synthetic sounds.  Despite their huge influence from experimental music of the 70s and 80s , Supernaturals is not so much a retrospective as it is an ominously dystopian premonition.  It captures and distils their well-known improvisational mutability into a testament of their promising potential, assembled to stand the test of time.  This is Kebko Music’s first instalment on vinyl.  Following our tradition of carefully-wrought artwork, the LP comes in a gatefold sleeve designed by Damien Tran.

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