ADSR Mix 006: Johnny Killick

ADSR Mix 006 by Johnny Killick based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Welcome to another edition of the weekend warmup!  This week we welcome experienced house head: Johnny Killick.  Now… think back to a time before Traktor, Serato, and Ableton, before midi controllers, CDJ 2000s and mp3’s.  When vinyl wasn’t played because it was cool, but because it was the only viable option for putting together a quality set.  You might call this the “old skool” “classic” or “pre-digital” era.  Regardless of the label, the 90s proved to be a very important time for many electronic music genres.  This was also around the time when Johnny’s love of house music was born.  Now, mixing contemporary and classic sounds, Johnny’s sets are as diverse and real as the man himself.  And lucky for us, he’s left us with over an hour of excellent house music selections. 

When did you first start getting into Electronic music?
Back in the late nineties. My first taste was Dickey Doo spinning at Celebrities. Loved the funky disco house he would spin.

How has the scene changed from back then to today?
Well, it seems house music has become a lot more mainstream. Which I think is great. There’s more to love.

First record that really blew you away?
Changes - Kings of Tomorrow - two words…DAT BASSLINE!

What is it that still attracts you to vinyl? Are you still actively digging?
I love the hands on feel and direct manipulation, also the warm crisp sounds, pops and hiss.
I am not actively digging anymore for vinyl, no, although I’ve been thinking about it.

How would you describe your DJ sets?
Deep and delicious.

What does house music mean to you?
Everything. I don’t think I could go a day without it. If lifts me up to a beautiful place.

If you could meet anyone within the genre (dead or alive), who would it be?
JT Donaldson

Any funny gig experiences?
None that I can think of. They’ve all been amazing.

What’s in store for you in 2014?
Well, I’m hoping to spin at more parties.
If you like what you hear then let me know!
Always curious if they’re other people out there that enjoy the same style as me.

How did you approach the mix you have for us?
I literally went through my entire music collection and picked out the tracks that I love the most - the ones that touch me and take me on a journey.

Cheers to Mr.Killick for the words and music, check out more of Johnny below!

Johnny Killick
ADSR mix

1. Bunte Bummler - I Can’t Tell You
2. Rickie Deane - Wonderless
3. Alex Fuente - Fucking Millions
4. Alex Ground - So Let Me Go (Dub Mix) 
5. P. Jones - Nine
6. Isaac Silva - Cedres
7. David Gtronic & P. Jones - Febula
8. Manuel Moreno - I’m Sorry
9. Gel Abril & Andrea Oliva - Scene
10. Thanos T - Physical Pain (Fideles Remix) 
11. Moomin - Watermelon
12. Matt Tolfrey - The Truth (feat. Marshall Jefferson) 
13. Bucher - In To Space (feat. Isabell) (Franky Miller Remix) 
14. Mark Farina - Dream Machine (JT Donaldson Remix)