Artist Feature 018: Flatland Sound Studio

Sept. 14. 2016

ADSR Artist Feature of Flatland Sound Studio based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

This week we are very pleased to welcome one of our favourite Vancouver producers to the blog: Max Greening aka Flatland Sound Studio.  We’ve timed it right as Max is getting ready to release his second full length album this Friday the 16th!  We’ve got an exclusive sneak peak below, so as always be sure to have a read and a listen.  Keep your mind open, your arms and legs inside the ride, and grab yourself a copy of Ocean Radio planet.

Hi Max, let’s talk about your first album: Maximum Vacation Plus. How exactly does one achieve the state of relaxation known as “Maximum Vacation Plus?
Maximum Vacation Plus is that happy place you reach while deep into creative work. Go make art! 

When’s the next infomercial coming out?
No plans for another infomercial, but there is a little promo vid that i made to go with Ocean Radio Planet". I enjoy making some kind of video to go with every release.

Talk to us a bit about your new EP “Ocean radio planet”  Any release date?
Ocean Radio Planet is a direct continuation of the squishy sounds explored in Maximum Vacation Plus. 
It’ll be released digital only on September 16 via. King Deluxe. (pic below)

Where does Max Greening end and Flatland Sound Studio Begin?
The name “Max Greening” is reserved for my artsy ambient stuff. Flatland Sound Studio is about experimenting with beats.

How would you describe your sound to someone unfamiliar with idm and electronica?
I usually don’t bother. It’s best to just put the sounds in their ears. 

What genre would you consider your music?

What’s the secret to good sound design?
Good taste, and a sense of aesthetics. 

You’ve mentioned experimenting a bit with quadraphonic sound.  Explain to us what exactly that is and what that will mean to your live setup?
Quadraphonic is a speaker configuration that uses 4 equally sized speakers to surround the listener.

Flatland Sound Studio is probably going to keep the live shows stereo, but I’ve mixed a bunch of my ambient tunes in surround, and am looking for promoters who would like to host a “Max Greening” style quadraphonic sound show. Lets chat! 

Despite the complexity of your music, your studio setup appears to be quite simple.  Take us through your workflow a bit for putting together a track.
I patch together audio snippets. Every note and drum hit is sampled.

Whats coming up over the summer?
I’ll continue working hard on a top secret project called ‘MX’. Very excited about this one. Stay tuned! 

Where can people keep in touch with you?
The Flatland Sound Studio official soundbutt page:

Check out the track "Worship" below from Max's upcoming album Ocean Radio Planet.