Artist Feature 004: Emanuele Pertoldi

Dec. 15. 2014

ADSR Artist Feature of Emanuele Pertoldi from Italy.

We continue our Music series with Italian producer and live musician: Emanuele Pertoldi!  With a recent album release on the revered “Silent Season” record label under his ambient alias “Shaded Explorer”; Emanuele is exploring new musical frontiers across the Electronic music spectrum.  A Founding member of “Evasion Room Records” as well as “Evasion Room Live” PA act, his live, analog, and organic sounds are garnering much deserved attention from Italy, Europe and beyond. 

Hey Emanuele, thanks for having a chat with us! How are things currently in Italy?
Hello guys! Thanks for asking me to do this interview. In Italy, especially where I live, things are maybe too quiet. Sometimes this is good, especially because I often like to stay away from the mess. But I have to say that not having a proper music scene is a bit boring.  Anyway, we’re developing more and more for the Evasion Room Studio so between work for films, video-games, mastering, some gigs here and there, making music, cooking, etc, but at least I never feel empty or useless.

Talk to us a little bit about your recent Silent Season release entitled “Between the Blue”.  Where did the name of the album come from?
First of all I have to say that it is really a pleasure to be out on one of my favourite labels ever. Jamie is doing really good work! About the name, it comes from the main inspiration of the album, water. The sound of water is something we hear before we are born and then is always present in our lives. For me it has got something magic and it’s also relaxing.

The album has a very ambient, organic feel, sounding very much rooted in nature, is this a key influence for you?
Yes nature became more and more an influence in my music, especially for the Shaded Explorer project. Then I try to make my music sound organic with field recordings I do and with hardware machines. The tracks of the album are mostly done live in one take. This helps too, giving them an organic and alive feel. I like when people feel there is a human touch and also can hear mistakes behind my music.

How long did it take to put together the album?
Quite a while actually, some tracks are a bit old, some very recent. Initially some were not supposed to be for an album, but when I did some of the most recent ones, I felt they had some elements in common, so I started developing the concept and then I finalized it.

How did the alias “Shaded Explorer” come about?  What direction are you taking with this alias?
This alias was born with the need of expressing a more intimate vision of my music, based on research of new techniques and new audio combinations. I often feel I have to push my boundaries to be inspired.  That’s why there’s the word “Explorer” in it. The word “Shaded” just describes this more intimate part of myself related to music.

You also produce techno and dubtechno under your name “Emanuele Pertoldi”.  How do you approach these productions differently than those of “Shaded Explorer”?
The approach now is not very different, except for some elements like more use of field recordings in Shaded Explorer. With this project, most tracks are still done live, but I experiment with different bpm ranges and time signatures that not always are 4/4. Then the sounds are usually more ethereal and dreamy. With Emanuele Pertoldi I just use more 4/4 and create groovier drums melded with deep synth sounds.

Evasion Room Records.

Talk to us a little bit about Evasion Room Records. How did the label come about and what is the vision for the releases?
The label came out after we felt the need to release our music without any compromises. We just needed a platform to feel free, expressing our art. The releases are mostly dance floor oriented but always trying to express a feeling, an emotion. It’s a combination of old and new sounds, trying to keep a common line with all the EPs and compilations.

In 2011, you formed “Evasion Room Live” along with friends Riccardo D’Agostini, Daniele Iannacone, and Andrea Peluso. For those unfamiliar, this is Emanuele’s live PA act based on improvisation, hardware and synths. Talk to us about how you approach a live show. How do you split sounds and duties between the four members?
It started as a full improvised live set between friends and everyone had his equal part in it. Initially Andrea was doing the drums, me and Riccardo the synth part (Chords, Pads, etc) and Daniele the sequences and bass. But then it changed and became a bit different. There’s still a lot of improvisation in it, but now we program the live sets before, so we have a programmed pattern we modify live. It’s like an electronic music band.

You also have projects with Andrea as “Tripsolate & Redundeunt” and with Riccardo as “Synkat”. How do you balance all these collaborations, aliases and projects?
I started making music with Riccardo since Evasion Room Records was born and then decided to give a name to our duo. We have some stuff ready that hasn’t got released yet. With Synkat we do a mix of experimental and techno. With Andrea (as Tripsolate & Redundænt) we started making music because we had a really common sense of music and the detail we want to put in it. The project is always live based. The balance between all the projects is quite natural. We just meet when we feel we need to make music and experiment with sound. There’s also another project called Mørk with my friend living in Berlin, Francesco. We did some live sets and we’re always working on new music.

Talk to us about the music you have for us…
I linked you one Emanuele Pertoldi’s track and one from my alias Shaded Explorer. As you can feel there are different atoms in those tunes. The first is a jam I did, dance floor oriented but always with a trippy feel. I like to try to put the listener in an “hypnotic tunnel”. The second one is mostly made of field recordings, processed and melted together, and in this case the aim is to transport the listener in another place with the power of sounds.

What’s coming up over the next few months?
Some live sets as Emanuele Pertoldi and Tripsolate & Redundænt here in Italy, some releases, the second edition of Soundscapes For Escape on my label Shaded Explorations, and so on.

Where can people connect with your music?
On Soundcloud they can find all the previews of my releases plus some recent tracks or works in progress if they want :)

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