ADSR Collective Label Artist Dominik-St Denis, aka Domtron, from Toronto ON and based in Vancouver BC, Canada.

Bio //

Toronto-born, Vancouver-based electronica producer Dominik-St Denis, aka Domtron, has had a long, rich history in music.  The son of a professional film and TV music producer, Dominik’s upbringing laid a solid foundation in music theory and sensibility early on.  Hearing classical music daily, progressed into picking up the guitar in his teens, and eventually leading to electronic music in his 20s.  Nowadays, guitar can still be heard in many of his productions, but analog synths, samplers and drum machines drive most of his tracks.  Here's what our friends at Discorder Magazine had to say about the Domtron sound:
"Spacey, large, elastic synths, capable of reaching the nearest galaxies. The high-voltage chords and fleeting leads...are what makes it hard to forge...he prefers hardware samplers and sequencers. The results are impressive.”

Releases // ADSR004