Artist Feature 020: Domtron

Jan. 11. 2017

Photo: Sachiko Shimizu

Photo: Sachiko Shimizu

This week we welcome Vancouver based producer and synth addict, Dominik St-Denis aka Domtron to the blog.   Performing live and creating electronic music without the aid of a laptop does have its challenges, but after hearing the “Domtron-sound” we think you’ll agree there there are certainly some sonic advantages as well.  Opting for hardware synths, samplers, and sequencers, Domtron weaves thick analog beats with intergalactic synth leads.  Check out the interview below as we talk musical upbringing, laptop-free producing, and future plans, and be sure to have a listen to his 2 track EP out today on our “ADSR Collective” record label!

Hey Dom, whats up?
Currently on a beach in Thailand - - after getting rained out for a week the sun is coming out, things are looking up!  Apparently it’s the worst flood in 30 years but I didn’t get the memo. 

Take us through your musical journey a bit upto this point.  Where did it all start and how has your sound evolved into what it is today.  
First cassette I ever got - Metallica -  juxtaposed with classical music being played almost every morning when I woke up.  I started with guitar at 15 and got into electronic music when I was in my 20s and haven’t really looked back.  Although I do incorporate guitar into almost every track, analog synths drive most of the production these days.  

Discorder Magazine has described your sound as: “Spacey, large, elastic synths, capable of reaching the nearest galaxies. The high-voltage chords and fleeting leads…are what makes it hard to forge…he prefers hardware samplers and sequencers. The results are impressive.”  What is it that attracts you to this sci-fi, synth heavy aesthetic?
I really enjoy slow building, moving, theatrical sounds and the fact that you can start playing a note, with one specific sound and end that same note with an entirely new sound really attracts me to these types of instruments. Every note or pattern has the potential to evolve. You have infinite possibilities. 

ADSR Artist Feature of Vancouver-based Domtron.

Your production setup consists mostly of hardware samplers, synths and sequencers without any laptop.  Take us through your setup a bit and talk about the no laptop preference.  
it’s been a recent change, I had previously dabbled with hardware gear but decided to take a leap and try my hand at a full hardware no laptop setup for my live shows. I currently have a Dave Smith Pro 2 synth and an Electron RYTM drum machine as my main setup and have been known to add an Electron Octatrack and Arturia Microbrute to the mix. 

Some people might not know that your father was a actually a professional producer for film and TV.  Has this influenced your own music and was it something you were always surrounded by?
Absolutely, My father is a classically trained pianist and is definitely an influence.  Always an inspiration and I am constantly learning from him.  His passion inspires me everyday. 

Today you have your first release in over four years coming out.  Take us through the sounds…
Longwave was essentially a slow building 3 minute long low end bass synth recording that was too good to cut down so I ended up building an entire song around it. Sierra is a more upbeat with pads, lots of arpeggiation. 

What can we expect in 2017 from Domtron?
2017 will be a busy year as I’ll be focused on putting out some new material and live shows. Stay tuned :)

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